Call for Proposals - Surplace Workshops
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Write a description of the workshop that will entice students to register, and explains the topics and types of work involved. Around 250 words is a good length. How many sessions and what type of format do you think this workshops should have? (see examples of formats below)
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Tell us about yourself with a short bio. If you have a recent CV, you can copy-paste it into the form, or add a link to it.
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Your portfolio of work is the best way for us (and students) to assess you as an expert in the workshop subject. Include as many links as you like. Links to press coverage or reviews about your work, these are relevant.
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What workshop formats would you consider for this topic?
Which session(s) would you like to teach in?
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Each workshop slot lasts 3 hours. This includes 30 minutes prep time before and 30 minutes cleanup time after the class. Use the 'Other' section if you have a specific time slot to propose.
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