Lakehouse presents: Assessing Cortes Needs - Education and unlimiting young people
Lakehouse Democratic Learning Centre is back for another round this fall! And, we are in the process of developing a brand new catalogue of offerings for you this year -- some sessions will remain open and unstructured as in years past, and we're adding new sessions that focus us on building specific skills and goals. We are also offering an increase in the number of days per week that we will be running programs. We are also interested in offering programs to those young people who are attending public school -- so even if you're not a regular lakehouser, we want to hear from you.

As we transition our format, The Lakehouse Learning Society is seeking input from all families and individuals who are interested in Lakehouse programming. We aim to provide a safe and inspiring environment where the youth of Cortes can grow their souls and fly their dreams. We need to understand the needs of kids and their families, so that we can meet them. What kinds of activities and support are needed? What schedules would work well with other passions and commitments? Are there innovative ways that we can fund this endeavour and improve access? These and many more important and exciting questions await you below. This would be a good thing to work on with your kids as we need to hear their thoughts and ideas too!

We look forward to hearing from you and incorporating your feedback into the program.

Keep an eye out for our delicious menu of educational offerings coming soon -- our Fall Course Catalogue is coming for you on July 25, 2016. And we hope to do some custom scheduling with you then.

Here's a sneak peek at our plan:
-One (maybe two) 5hr day of regular Lakehouse, open, democratically decided days
-6-8 other half-day offerings on specific themes. Everything from Fibre Arts to Big Group Games, Philosophy and Fort Building, Homeschool Support and Hiking and Orienteering, Journaling and Publishing and Singing and Hunting and Gathering!
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Financially speaking, how do you find Lakehouse compares to other programing available for your child? (Was $125/month for 2 days/week last year. Projecting $30/day this year.)
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Would you be willing to help raise funds for the lakehouse to support those whose financial situation prevents easy participation in the Lakehouse program?
How do you feel about the contribution Lakehouse makes to the overall health and happiness of your child/children?
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We gave you a taste of the kinds of activities we would like to offer; what sorts of activities would you like to do with a bunch of other keeners?
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Please suggest some things we could do and ways we could organize the program so that it would meet more of your needs. You can also list things that have been a barrier to participation or success.
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