Richmond Parent/Guardian Pledge
Read through each component of the parent pledge. As a parent/guardian, it is essential to act as a role model and encourage children in their athletic involevement.
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As a parent...
• I acknowledge that I am a role model
• I will remember that school athletics are an extension of the classroom, offering learning experiences for students
• I will show respect for all players, coaches, spectators, officials and support groups
• I will participate in cheers that support, encourage and uplift the teams involved
• I understand the spirit of fair play and that good sportsmanship is expected by our school and AMSAC
• I hereby accept my responsibility to be a model of good sportsmanship that comes with being the parent of a student-athlete
• I will communicate with the coach on issues, but not before/after practices or games
• I will make sure I schedule an appointment at an appropriate time to discuss these issues
• I will assure that my child attends all scheduled practices and games or will communicate with the coach when my child is unable to attend. I will give as much notice as possible
• Remember that young people play sports for THEIR enjoyment, not to entertain you
• Do not have unrealistic expectations and understand that doing one's best is as important as winning
• Respect the official's decisions and encourage all participants to do the same
• Respect and show appreciation for the coaches and understand that they have given their time to provide sport activities for our young people
• Encourage athletes and coaches to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence
• Show respect for my team's opponents and realize there would be no game without them
• Do not use bad language and harass athletes, coaches, officials or other spectators
• Always show good sportsmanship as young people are impressionable
• Be financially responsible for the safe return of all athletic equipment issued to my student-athlete.
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By checking below I agree to this statement: I verify that I am the parent or guardian and that I will adhere to the Richmond Parent pledge. I understand that lack of compliance can result in a formal meeting with the Athletic Directors and school administrators. *
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