EnviroLab Asia Student Fellow Application
The application to be a 2019 EnviroLab Asia Student Fellow is due October 1, 2018, 9am. For background information, visit http://envirolabasia.claremont.edu. If you have any questions, please email Karin Mak, Project Administrator of EnviroLab Asia, at kmak[at]cmc.edu.
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1. How did you hear about this opportunity? (Please answer in 100 words or less.) *
2. Why are you interested in the EnviroLab Asia Class and Clinic Trip? (Please answer in 200 words or less.) *
3. Tell us more about yourself and any experiences, courses, qualifications, languages, career goals, etc. that would make you a good fit to be an EnviroLab Asia Student Fellow. (Please answer in 250 words or less.) *
4. While this is an interdisciplinary initiative, each student will be assigned to a Class Clinic Lab. See descriptions of each Lab on the EnviroLab Asia website. Please describe how you are a good candidate for each Lab. What do you hope to learn? What questions would you like to explore? What past experiences make you a good fit? How would you contribute? Please write a separate answer for all four Labs: Access for disabled people in Japan, Japanese Futures, Food & Rural Issues, Biodiversity Sanctuaries. (Please limit each response to 150 words or less) *
5. Please rank your Lab preferences (For example, if my first choice is the Accessibility lab, and second choice is Japanese Futures, then I would like 1.Access for disabled people in Japan , 2. Japanese Futures, 3.... 4...)
6. Please provide the name and email of one faculty or staff member who may serve as a reference for you. *
7. Is there anything else you would like to share (in 100 words or less)?
8. Please upload your current resume. If you encounter problems, please email kmak@cmc.edu.
Will you allow EnviroLab Asia to obtain demographic information (gender, ethnic identity, etc.) from your home college? This will be gathered for statistical purposes to let the funder know more about the population we serve. Demographic information will be gathered after our programs for the academic year have ended.
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