British Rock - 1980s, 90s and 2000s
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Inspired by the images of Ethiopian famine singer Bob Geldof decided to organise a charity concert in...
Band Aid 1989 - Cliff Richard's hit gained more than a million dollars for the case. It's title was:
New Wave of British Metal was marked by bands like...
One of the favourite bands of Princess Diana was
MTV Europe appeared in ....... broadcast to many of the European countries by satellite.
Bhangra has become one of the biggest music subcultures in Britain today. Its origins lie in the ..... – an area now split between India and Pakistan
British Hip-Hop began in 1984; with the release of New Treatment’s London Bridge and the compilation Street Sounds Electro UK.
In the 1990s the most successful British group in a couple of decades was Manchester’s Oasis. Their music was influenced by ...
In the 2000s by far the most successful of the new female singer-songwriters was ...
Will Young, Michelle McManus, Gareth Gates, G4, Shayne Ward, Leona Lewis were...
Robbie Williams used to be the member of the band
Justin Bieber is the favourite of many girls. He is
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