RSVP a Spot in the "Outdoor Christmas Market at Rue D'Antibes"
We are opening an Outdoor Christmas Market for December 10th in the new square, which will last till the end of this December! EVERYONE is invited to set up a few holiday related items PLUS a free gift under the tree for visitors.

To RSVP a Spot in the "Outdoor Christmas Market" just complete this form and hit submit.
You will receive a reservation confirmation and Event Poster within the next few days.

(Note: This Event Starts December 10th Ends Dec 30th. First come First serve for the Market stall spots . Reservations close Nov 30th)

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Guidelines for the Outdoor Market
✪ For Your Cart

✰You can put down a maximum of 10 prims in your cart
✰Please keep items winter or holiday themed/related. ( It can be any culture, religion etc. )
✰Discounted/on sale items are highly encouraged.
✰These DO NOT need to be new or exclusive items, but if you are up for that it would be great!

✪ For the Tree

✰You can put ONE free gift box (1-3 prims max) under the tree.
( This item does NOT have to be holiday related, this is a gift from you to our visitors.)
✰Items under tree MUST be set for sale for FREE ($0). Sell contents is also highly encouraged
so people don’t have to unpack boxes.

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