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Parami Road is a fast-growing new marketing agency in Yangon, Myanmar. Created by David Madden, the co-founder of New York agency Purpose (www.purpose.com), and May Thandar Win (ex-Myanmar Times, MMRD, LogiMedia, Pastel), it combines global expertise with local knowledge. We offer a full range of services, from public relations to design and advertising through to digital and social media. A fresh integrated approach is what we're all about. Our clients are mostly international companies entering Myanmar and they demand an international standard of work.

We are looking for super smart, creative, fun people to join our team. You'll need to have initiative and be resourceful and excellent verbal and written English skills are critical. This is not a regular 9-5 job; you must be excited about helping to build a new type of company for this new era. We pay well, we laugh a lot and we make the best coffee in town.

Below are some specific roles that we're looking to fill. We need both junior and more experienced candidates, so whether you've only got a few years under your belt or are looking to step up, we want to hear from you. If none of the descriptions below are you, but you still think you're awesome and we should hire you, let us know.

<b>Public Relations Specialist</b>

The press here is changing, but you understand it. You want to use your knowledge to help shape companies' messages and get them in the media. Ideally you will have been a journalist, or at least a close watcher of the media who understands what's newsworthy and how stories are constructed.

<b>Marketing Strategist</b>

You love marketing and you understand how it works. You may have managed the marketing for a company here, or perhaps you have worked for another marketing agency. You have an instinctive understanding of the Myanmar consumer, but you also know how to gather and use market research. You're highly creative and you know how to develop a marketing concept and turn it into an integrated campaign.

<b>Graphic Designer</b>

Good design is critical for us. You must be able to translate a creative vision into a strong visual asset. Great technical skills and incredible attention to detail. If you can spend hours arguing over the relative merits of Gill Sans & FF DIN, you're probably perfect. You need a killer portfolio. If you can also show us examples of the kind of work you'd like to have done, but haven't yet had the chance, that's even better.

<b>Admin Guru</b>

We've got lots going on and we need your help to get it all done. You should be hyper-organized, very resourceful and capable of juggling lots of different projects at the same time.

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