BEAM LA Eligibility Form
Thank you for your interest in Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM).

Our program is completely free: designed to help in our mission of reaching lower-income families who would otherwise have the most difficulty accessing a program like ours. In order for us to determine if you are eligible, please answer the following questions as completely as possible.

BEAM's target audience is low-income students who don't have the local resources to learn math to their full potential. Most BEAM students are financially eligible for free/reduced-price lunch at school, but we occasionally accept students who have higher income if they demonstrate exceptional mathematical potential and attend a school that cannot meet their academic needs.

Students who qualify will be invited to complete our application and take our Admissions Challenge. Once we've confirmed your eligibility, we'll contact you with the application.

There is no official deadline for this eligibility form, but please be advised that the BEAM application deadline falls around February 15 each year. For the greatest chance of admission, we recommend you complete the eligibility form by January 15. Any applicants reaching out to BEAM after February 1 may miss this deadline. Late applicants will still be considered for a place on the BEAM waitlist.
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You may list multiple e-mails. We usually send most of our information by e-mail, so please list address(es) you check regularly.
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The student must attend a school in a region served by LAUSD. Preference is given to students in the Local District Central region of LAUSD.
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What grade is the student in now? *
BEAM runs a summer program for students who have completed the 6th grade. In addition, current 7th graders can apply for plus a residential summer program and continuing academic supports that begin the summer after 7th grade.
What is the best way to contact you? *
We send most communication by email. If there is another way you wish to be contacted, please select "other" below and then share information with us about how best to reach you.
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