S4C PHOTO RESCUE PROJECT - volunteer photographers form


We need you, your photos and your photographic skill again. And we need you for a good cause.

Help us save, preserve and rescue the photos of those affected by Hurricane Sandy.
In the after-math of the hurricane, S4C is offering FREE service to restore photographs that were destroyed during the storm.

In partnership with local organizations and community services, S4C is setting up locations where photographs that were lost and scattered on the streets can be dropped off. Perhaps there is home that is abandoned and may have photographs that can be saved, so please help us save them.

S4C will also offering a FREE service of photographing inventory for insurance claim purpose.

S4C Photographers will be dispatched to most affected areas which will include but not limited to Coney Island, Breezy Point, Staten Island, Rockaway, Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, Red Hook to assist families.

The devastation of Hurricane Sandy is of catastrophic proportion with thousands of people displaced and homes destroyed. Let us help you recover the memories and preserve your history.

If you are photographer and can contribute your time to the Photo RESCUE Project, please sign up here

Yelena (347) 743-7962 or Gretchen (415) 596-1300

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