Join Campus Watch! (June, 2018)
Campus Watch, a media initiative of the award-winning online media platform Youth Ki Awaaz, is looking for talented students from across the country to start important conversations!

You can apply for four different positions -

1) Writer/Reporter: Write and report on issues and events across campuses in India that the mainstream media tends to ignore.

2) Illustrator: Capture unforgettable moments from a student's day-to-day experience through art.

3) Photographer: Show glimpses of student life, protests, events and more, through compelling photos.

4) Video producer: Create powerful video stories, interviews and report on events that students are more excited about.

Note: You can choose to do one thing, or do a little bit of all.

P.S - In addition to filling this form, please send us a relevant sample of your work and your CV to with the subject - 'CW Application'. We shall consider your application complete only after we've received both the sample and your CV.

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Answer any one question. 1) Imagine a situation where you want to study in JNU and your parents are against the idea because they think it is an 'anti-national' university. Write a letter trying to convince them to let you study in the university. 2) What is your opinion on the popular hashtag #NotAllMen? (Minimum word limit: 400) *
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