LSE SU UNSOC Social Media Officer Application Form
Hi and welcome to our Social Media Division!

We are looking for enthusiastic officers who will shape the public image of the society and assist in the provision of our Social Platforms with our Director, Marilyne Ebu.

Job Description:
- Maintenance of our central society website (, our Instagram (lsesuunsoc) and Twitter Page (@UNSOC_LSESU), creation of a Snapchat page
- Graphic design - Society Logos, Posters and Flyers for upcoming events
- Photography and tweeting throughout society events
- Creation and Edit of Videos to increase the profile of the Society
- Assistance in Branding to increase Corporate profesisonality
- Liaison with SU media, especially The Beaver and Pulse Radio, to increase the profile of the Society amongst and beyond the LSE Community.

This is a great opportunity and platform to
-great platform to practice and improve your networking skills
- Improve your graphic design skills
-learn how to draft proposal forms
-gain in-depth knowledge of the functioning of a society
-the pride and glory of roping in harbouring public recognition :)))

These are all transferrable skills that would look attractive on a resume/CV.

Applications close on October 6th, 23:59 GMT+1

All applications will be considered impartially. All applicants will be invited to a short and informal interview in Week 2 (2nd- 6th October)

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