July 2021 Complexity Weekend Heartbeat ~ Participant RSVP
This form registers you as a Participant for the Complexity Weekend Heartbeat event, which will have Two intervals of 3 hours (informal, drop-in, join/leave when you like), starting at:
Sunday August 1st at 01:00 UTC (July 31st 6pm PT)
Sunday August 1st at 16:00 UTC (August 1st 9am PT)

All sessions are free & opt-in (no extra registration needed), so please come for any time intervals that work for you, and stay for as long as you’d like. It is totally fine to join or leave in the middle of a session!

This Heartbeat will include live sessions led by Facilitators, spotlight talks & posters by Participants, unstructured coworking time for individuals and teams, and an opening livestream with Organizers and Facilitators.

The sessions in this Heartbeat will be welcoming for participants of all levels of familiarity with Complexity - there are no requirements in terms of background or experience. The entire Heartbeat experience will be on https://gather.town/ , so feel free to familiarize yourself with this cool spatial chat platform beforehand.

We will confirm your RSVP and provide a calendar invite + information with a follow-up email.
Will you participate live in the Complexity Weekend July 2021 Heartbeat event? All sessions are opt-in.
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It is not required to have a Keybase username for Heartbeats, but is highly recommended to stay in touch with our global community of practice, as it is our main text-based communication channel for all community members.
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