2020-2021 School Year Instruction Preference Survey - PART 2
We appreciate the many responses from DPS parents in our first 2020-2021 school year instruction preference survey. The part 2 survey is intended to gather even more information from parents to further guide the district's decision-making as plans are made to safely educate students this fall.

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Email Address *
My child(ren) receive(s) the following services. (check all that apply) *
Does your child(ren) have a health concern that would preclude them from attending school in August 2020, if we are in session in the buildings? *
Please rank your family's preference among the following educational formats that are currently being discussed at the State level for the 2020-2021 school year (1 -Most Preferred, 4 - Least Preferred). *
1 - Most Preferred
4 - Least Preferred
Full-day Instruction (At School; normal class size)
Alternating Days Instruction (At School on certain days; on off days students will have online assignments/interventions)
Online classroom with a live teacher
Digital online school (no live teacher)
As you consider the possibility of your children not being at school every day or for alternating days how concerned are you about child care? (1 - Very Concerned; 5 - Not Concerned at All) *
Very Concerned
Not Concerned At All
What are your main concerns for your child when the 2020-2021 school year begins? (academic, mental health, social-emotional needs, technology access, etc.) Please elaborate. *
If the Dayton Public School District implements a plan for the 2020-2021 school year that includes at-home learning or alternate days, how can the school district assist families? *
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