All For Reuse Concept Survey
Gathering input and feedback on a "Buy Reclaimed" Initiative
About this Survey
We are distributing this survey to solicit feedback and gauge interest on a “buy reclaimed” initiative called All For Reuse. All For Reuse strives to foster an ecosystem of enterprises and infrastructure to reclaim and reuse commercial interiors building materials (such as flooring, ceilings, casework, doors and more) by jumpstarting demand with voluntary commitments from large property owners such as large corporations, colleges & universities, and government agencies. To learn more about All For Reuse, visit the website or read the concept paper at (

We have shared this survey with people and organizations that own/occupy large portfolios of commercial buildings, and/or work in sustainable design, waste diversion, material reuse, climate action, policy and more. Some of these questions are geared toward one audience or another. If you feel a question doesn’t apply to you, feel free to skip it.

If you have questions about the intent of or aspects about the survey, please contact Andrew Ellsworth at or Frances Yang at
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