OrlandoFox Commission Form - Full Body Illustrations
(PLEASE HAVE THIS FORM COMPLETELY/APPROPRIATELY FILLED OUT!! If you can NOT actually give me full details of what you'd like, any references I would need, etc, then please do NOT hit submit on a form!)

My Terms of Service/general commission info can be found here!


Commission Statuses - https://trello.com/b/BAILXBq2/commission-queue-list-orlandofox

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What is your name?/How do you want to be referred? *
Doesn't have to be your actual name; can be character or otherwise!
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Some folks have it different from their regular email. Even if it's the same, please type it down here too. :) [NOTE: Paypal addresses are in the form of actual email addresses-- specifically, whichever one is connected to your Paypal account. This can be found in your settings. Paypal.me links and actual addresses are NOT proper Paypal addresses. Thank you!]
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Visual Guide
What type?
PAC = "Per additional character". First price signifies a first/single character.
How many characters? *
How many characters I am going to be expected to draw!
If left blank, it will count as a 'no'.
Is it of mature rating? *
If nothing is marked, it is automatically deemed as a 'no' (unless your commission idea implies otherwise, of course).
Your Reference Sheet! *
Please provide a VISUAL reference below. Much preferable of general rating. (PLEASE NOTE; I can NOT conveniently view anything past a general rating on FA. Would appreciate it if such reference material were sent through a site like Imgur or Dropbox.)
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Now to the nitty-gritty; what specifically would you like? *
Let me know the details of what you had in mind! Expressions, actions, all the good stuff! PLEASE be as descriptive as you can. The more I know/am offered right off the bat, the fasted I can try and respond back to you!
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Would you like this to remain private?
While I don't normally post my own commissions on Twitter (I am just fine with retweeting if you choose to!), I do like to update my website gallery on sparse occasions for updated examples of my (SFW) work. If you'd prefer that I not post for one reason or another, simply mark "Yes" and I will keep things hush-hush!
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