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DANCE4LIFE School Of The Arts And Training Institute Policies

All payments can be made by personal check, or cashapp. We are $dance4lifepay on the app. Be sure to put your child’s name and reason for payment in the memo. Make checks payable to DANCE4LIFE. Any returned checks will incur a $35 fee. If a second check is returned, DANCE4LIFE will no longer accept checks from such client. For the September - June calendar
year, clients may choose to pay in equal monthly installments, [the first due at the time of registration], two equal payments, [the first due at the time of registration and the second due, the first full week of classes in January], or in full at the time of registration. A 5% discount will be given if the full tuition is paid at the time of registration in September ONLY. The discount applies to the class fees only, not the registration fee. If a client opts for the monthly installments, payment will be due during the first full week of classes for each month. After the first full week of classes, if tuition has not been paid, a late fee of $20 will be added. If a student slips in and takes class without tuition/late fee being paid, a $20 ʻwalk-inʼ fee will be added to the account for every class taken until account is brought current. Payments for each month are required and remain the same regardless of the length of the month. Deductions will not be made for missed classes. NOTE: Those who pay monthly, must pay May and June tuition together, during the first full week of classes in May. Students with unpaid tuition will not be permitted to participate in class. DANCE4LIFE reserves the right to dismiss a student based
on non-payment. This policy is strictly adhered to.

Registration, tuition and costume deposits/fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Should it become necessary to discontinue classes for any reason, you must inform the office in writing. This may be done by sending an email to You are
financially responsible for all payments up to the time that formal notification is made. If you choose to return to the program all applicable fees for registration will apply. (see current brochure)

Students may not arrive more than 15 minutes before their scheduled class time. Students MUST be picked up immediately after their class has ended. Students who are not immediately picked up will have a $1 per minute childcare fee added to their account. This fee must be satisfied before the start of the next day that the student is scheduled for class. Fees not paid will result in the student not being permitted to participate in class. No exceptions. See COVID SAFETY AGREEMENT for full drop off and pick up procedures.

Any students that are registered in Level 1 must have a parent/guardian pick them up if they have a break between their classes. If the student is not picked up between classes, a $60 per hour, ( $1 per minute ) , childcare fee will be assessed. This fee must be satisfied before the start of the next day that the student is scheduled for class. Fees not paid will result in the
student not being permitted to participate in class. No exceptions.

No food of any kind is permitted in the studio, dressing area or lobby. Clear bottled water only.
Unlimited level 1 & 2 dancers, may pack a lunch for their day. The only items permitted is a sandwich (containing meat and cheese), salad, fruit and clear bottled water. Chips, cookies, candy, peanut butter & jelly, juice, yogurt, caramel, chocolate, soda etc, are absolutely prohibited.

Students are required to be dressed in proper dance attire with shoes applicable for class. Hair must be pulled off of face and neck secured in a neat bun, with thin hairnet over the bun. Ballies, beads and or barrettes are not permitted in class. In addition, head scarves, doo-rags, and the like are not acceptable as well. Please adjust hair accordingly. Leotards and tights MUST be free of holes and runs. A plain black tank leotard and suntan transition foot tights will be the standard for all classes. Leotards with rhinestones, attached skirts or embellishments are not permitted. Proper dance tights are required. Tights that have a separation line on the thighs, or footless fashion tights with a lace bottom, rhinestones etc.. are not permitted. NO jewelry is to be worn. Underwear are not to be worn under dance clothes, as your dance attire is the only clothing needed for instruction. Dancewear MUST be clean. Dress code is strictly enforced. Unprepared students will not be permitted to participate in class. Furthermore, students with dance clothing that is not clean and or runs and holes in clothing will not be permitted to participate in class. Policy reminders will be given. See COVID SAFETY AGREEMENT for required mask procedure.

Regular attendance will enable the student to experience positive growth. If a student is going
to be absent, they are required to call the office, (parent/guardian if under 18), to leave their name and class that they will be missing. Three absences will result in an inquiry as to whether or not the student will continue classes. Five absences will result in the student being dropped from that class. Refunds will not be given.

Students should plan to arrive 15 minutes before the start of their class. This will allow them to get changed and begin to stretch. If a student is 10 minutes late they will not be able to gain access to the class.

DANCE4LIFE is an environment that promotes a safe haven for learning, both physically and emotionally. All clients, STUDENTS and PARENTS/GUARDIAN alike, are commissioned to act in a respectful and honorable fashion at all times. Clients that handle themselves in an irate, disrespectful, or offensive manner will be immediately dismissed from the program. Refunds will not be given.

Proper placement will ensure a good foundation and proper growth. Students will be assessed on age and ability and placed accordingly. DANCE4LIFE will adjust students and encourage classes that offer a level which will garnish the best progressive results for the student.
Students will be moved when they have mastered the curriculum of that level according to DANCE4LIFE standards. This is at the discretion of the Director, not the parent/ guardian.

No one is permitted to observe classes.

Any questions about the program should be brought to the front desk. Clients, (students, parents/ guardians), must not approach the instructors. This includes calling, texting or using internet correspondence such as email, facebook, instagram, twitter etc.The registrar will be
more than happy to assist you with any inquiries that you may have.

All students enrolled in DANCE4LIFE are invited to take part in the end of year performance. This a wonderful opportunity for the students to showcase what they have learned all year. By participating there will be additional cost related to the preparation for this concert. Costumes, shoes, tights, accessories, etc. Costume fees are as follows: Extra small child - medium child $70 per costume. Large child - large adult $80 per costume. Extra large adult and up $90 per costume. If you are not sure the size being ordered for your child, please check with the registrar. As a note: costumes sizes are different than street clothing sizes. Be mindful that this cost does not include the tights and shoes needed for the performance. At the time of registration a $10 per class costume deposit must be paid to secure a costume being ordered. The second costume payment, 1/2 of the balance, will be due the second full week of classes in November. The balance will be due the second full week of classes in January. A costume will not be ordered for any student whose second costume payment has not been paid.
Students whose costume payments are not made on time will not be permitted to participate in class. Once the account has been brought current, the student may return to class. NO EXCEPTIONS. If a final costume balance remains after the January due date, $15 PER
COSTUME will be added to the balance due. This will go towards the separate shipping of your/your child’s costume, as it will not have been packaged to ship with the rest of the class. Adding this shipping fee is the only way to ensure that your/your child’s costume will arrive in time for your/their closing concert participation. Costume fees are non-refundable and non-

DANCE4LIFE School Of The Arts And Training Institute recognizes our obligation to make sure our students and their parents are aware of the risk and hazards involved in the sport of dance. Please read and sign release below.

By signing this waiver, I release DANCE4LIFE School Of The Arts And Training Institute from all claims on account of any injury which may be sustained by the student while attending dance class, events associated with DANCE4LIFE School Of The Arts And Training Institute, or outside performances. By signing below, I hereby expressly, assume any and all risk which are incumbent with the realization that these activities might subject participant to bodily injury or property damage risk. DANCE4LIFE School Of The Arts And Training Institute has my permission to take photos,
videos and or films of my child and I consent to the use of materials for promotional purposes by DANCE4LIFE School Of The Arts And Training Institute. I understand that I am responsible and agree to pay all cost related to participation in this program. In the event that my account falls into arrears, I fully understand that DANCE4LIFE School Of The Arts And Training Institute reserves the right to dismiss me/my child from the program. I understand that if I choose to reinstate enrollment, that I am responsible for all fees associated with registering. I am clear that ‘CLIENT’ refers to the student and the parent/guardian. Therefore I am also held to the standards and agree to uphold the policies and studio etiquette of DANCE4LIFE School Of The Arts And Training Institute. I am clear and that our country is in the midst of a pandemic, and my/my child’s participation in the program is at my full discretion. I relieve DANCE4LIFE School Of The Arts And Training Institute of any fault if I or my child, becomes sick as a result of participation in the program.
I agree to that I/my child will adhere to all COVID Safety Procedures set forth by DANCE4LIFE School Of The Arts And Training Institute. If deemed necessary by the school, I/my child agrees to wear a mask while in the building and during class at DANCE4LIFE School Of The Arts And Training Institute. I will provide PCR COVID test results to DANCE4LIFE School Of The Arts And Training Institute, upon request.


*Dancers upon arrival, will get temperature
checked with a contact free thermometer in
the lobby. Dancers that have a temperature of 99 degrees or higher will not be permitted to enter and train that day. Participation will always be contingent on a normal temperature reading. Dancers that feel ill or
under the weather in ANY WAY, should stay home. In addition, if you have a normal temperature reading but are exhibiting symptoms of cough, congestion, sneezing, runny nose, or upset stomach, or appears
sick, DANCE4LIFE reserves the right to refuse the student’s entry or send them home.

*All dancers must wear a plain lightweight black mask to participate in class, regardless of vaccination status. The mask must be design and logo free. This color has been selected in an effort to maintain our high
standard of a uniform dress code within the Institute. DANCE4LIFE will have disposable lightweight masks available in the event one is needed. They will be $2 each. Make cashapp payment to $dance4lifepay and put
mask in the memo.

*Parents/guardians dropping off and picking up dancers should remain outside of the building. The student ONLY will go through our COVID screening upon arrival. At the end of class, dancers will be dismissed out of the building to waiting cars. Younger dancers will be guided to their parents waiting outside of the door at dismissal. In the event that the parent/guardian must come into the building with a question for our registrar, please be
sure to have on a mask. Although, we are requesting that questions/concerns be sent via email and a response will be given through return email or phone call.

*DANCE4LIFE will not accept cash payments this season. Although, checks and electronic transfers will still be accepted.

*In addition to our normal cleaning service, we have contracted with a company specific to addressing the spread of COVID-19. They have begun services at the studio and we are very pleased.

*If deemed necessary, DANCE4LIFE will request the results of a PCR COVID TEST. If the dancer is diagnosed with COVID, the result of a NEGATIVE PCR COVID TEST
must be submitted via email in order to return to classes. This is required regardless of vaccination status. Be certain the name, date, PCR TEST, and results are clearly displayed. Email results to The results from “at home tests” or store brought test kits will not be accepted.

DANCE4LIFE will continue to monitor this very fluid situation and make adjustments to the above information as needed. Our operational decisions will reflect our enduring interest to do what is best for the health and safety of both our clients and staff. Thank you for your patience, understanding and
continued support.

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