Stop Rule 106 Petition
We, the undersigned petitioners, are parents, service providers, and advocates for children with disabilities. We submit this Application for Review of Agency Rules with grave concerns regarding the irreparable harm that will result from the proposed rule, “10-144 C.M.R., Chapter 101, MaineCare Benefits Manual (MBM), Chapters II and III, Section 106, School-Based Services.”

Proposed Section 106 significantly reorganizes the delivery of school-based services for children with disabilities and the consequences far exceed any intended benefit. The rule reduces rates to providers of early intervention and other services by 29%; cuts essential service hours for preschool children with disabilities upwards of 65%; will force providers to cut programs and reduce staff; increases the waitlist for services; jeopardizes long-term outcomes for children with disabilities; and ultimately, forsakes Maine families with disabled children.

The stated purpose of MaineCare Section 106 is to consolidate several medically-necessary, school-based services currently provided under Sections 28 and 65, into one new section. However, as proposed, we have identified several ramifications that so existentially alter the delivery of school-based services to children with disabilities, particularly preschool age children, the State would fail its legal and moral obligation to this vulnerable population.

These ramifications make the necessity for legislative review and suspension of the rule self-evident.
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