eObjx Free Trial Request Form
Thanks for your interest in eObjx! Please submit the following form to request a free trial (no credit card required).

The trial is a 30-minute free license of our service. This is more than enough time for you to explore, experiment and click away to experience the variety of playbacks and ease of the service.

Here are some notes before you proceed:

1. The duration of the trial is 30 minutes
2. Some content has been preloaded to accelerate your experience. Add as much content as you wish both before and during playback
3. Livestreaming is not supported
4. Only eObjx Basic is available for trial (Please schedule a demo to experience eObjx Premium)

An initial pop-up will ask you to confirm if you'd like to begin. Your trial (30 minute countdown) will begin with your first playback. You will receive another pop-up when the service duration has concluded.
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When you/your guests access eObjx they will type in a URL with the following syntax: www.eobjx.com/xxxx where xxxx is the name you choose. We will display this URL during playback to inform you/your guests how to participate. We recommend that you keep the name short and all lowercase, but the choice is up to you.
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