McMaster 24 Hour Film Fest Online Film Submission 2017
Uploading to YouTube
On YouTube, once you have begun uploading, your URL will be given to you. Please fill out the form below with your team details and submit along with the URL that is displayed by YouTube. This means that you can submit your film before it has finished uploading (how nice!). HOWEVER - please be aware that if your video does not complete uploading, or is not viewable by midnight, February 11th by our review panel, your team submission will not be accepted. Note: Submissions from this form are timestamped: so no funny stuff.

Be sure to keep the upload window open until YouTube tells you the process is complete! (including the processing)

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Your Team Name
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Your Film Title
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Your "Something Canadian" Prop
What was the Canadian thing you incorporated into your film? Tell us, so we know what to look for.
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Youtube/Vimeo URL
Please enter the URL to the YouTube/Vimeo version of your video. It is suggested you make your film "unlisted" until the gala is over next week. NOTE - we will not accept URLS to other web services or FTP servers. (those can be updated after the fact, and we don't roll that way)
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Please read and accept the following terms and conditions of submitting your film for the McMaster 24 Hour Film Fest online through this form.
Will you be submitting an uncompressed version of your video on USB key?
You must submit this along with your package no later than 4:00pm, Wednesday February 15th. ** PLEASE NOTE: We will be comparing the YouTube/Vimeo version and your submitted file: if we see ANY difference (colour grading/running time/audio work/etc) the YouTube version will stand as your final submission.
In addition to submitting this now, I agree to submit my paper package and all release forms (music, talent, location, minor) by no later than 4:00pm on Wednesday February 15th to the Lyons New Media Centre.
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