Tree of Life Lutheran Bible Camp // 2021 Camp Interest & Concerns Survey
The Tree of Life Lutheran Bible Camp Board of Directors is sponsoring this survey in order to gage the level of interest in conducting camp this year. Also, the board wishes to understand the members' concerns regarding Covid safety and prevention.

Please enter a valid email address to take the survey. You email address, nor your answers, will be shared with anyone outside of the TOL Board. Furthermore, your answers will remain anonymous.

Your time and assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank You!

Your brother in Christ Jesus - Jason Covey (TOL Board of Directors Chairman).
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Are you a parent / guardian, camper, staff member? *
Should Tree of Life Lutheran Bible Camp operate camp this year? *
If parent / guardian - are you planning to send your child / children to camp this year? *
How many children would you be sending to camp? *
If you will not be sending your child / children to camp this year, what is the reason (if you are willing to share)? *
Would you feel comfortable with the typical camp living conditions - along with sensible social distancing and preventative hygiene measures? *
Assuming there were no property owner / governmental regulations, concerning Covid prevention measures, which of the following standards would you like to see adopted?
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What Covid related issues are a concern for you? What measures would you like to see adopted? *
Please share any concerns that you may have about camp this year - health related or otherwise - and what might be done to address them.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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