University of the Arctic Survey on Telecommunications and Broadband Needs in the Arctic
UArctic Members and individuals in the communities they represent are asked to contribute feedback on Telecomm, Internet, Broadband needs of their organizations and communities for input to Arctic Council's Task Force on Telecommunications Infrastructure in the Arctic. Feel free to distribute this survey to any individual living or working in the Arctic or in the Northern Latitudes.

Telecommunications is a very big topic that includes such things as telephone service, satellite service, Internet and Broadband service, VHF, and radio. Arctic Council has formed a Task Force to assess the current state of Telecommunications in the Arctic.

We are asking UArctic members and others to provide feedback on the importance of telecommunications to you, your organizations and community.

This is not a scientific study. This is intended to gather some general feedback from as broad a representation as possible to determine which topics may be of further importance to UArctic members and others living and working in Arctic regions.

This information will also be important to activity planning for the Thematic Network on Arctic Telecommunications and Networking.

There will be an opportunity for free response at the end of the survey.

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How important is good Internet/Broadband access to your organization or community?
1 = Not important, 10= very important
not important, do not need
Very important, must have
Do you have Internet access in your home?
How do you connect to the Internet in your home?
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How would you describe your current Internet provision?
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Personal Internet/Broadband Use and Importance
Whether you have Internet or not, how important are each of the following items to you?
Not Important
Somewhat Important
Very Important
N/A I do not care
Browsing the Internet
play online games
listen to streaming music
watch videos/TV online
Perform work/job/employment
Run my own business/ sell things
Community Internet/Broadband Use and Importance
How important are each of these uses of telecommunications to your community?
Not Important
Somewhat Important
Very Important
Search and Rescue
Monitoring Environment
Monitoring Country/Community Borders
 Marine Navigation 
Land based Navigation
Air Navigation
Scientific Research
Oil, Gas, Mineral Exploration
Please share any examples of public private partnerships that have been successful in providing telecommunications or Internet service to your organization or community
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Please comment on any other telecommunications/Internet concern you may have.
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Optional: Contact Information
Please complete the following information if you would like further information on the work of the Arctic Council Task Force or UArctic on Internet and Broadband issues.
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