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Hi there! Thank you for taking a few moments to review and complete this form. Your answers will appear on my blog's Calendar of Events at MizMeliz.com. I look forward to our interview on Tinsel Town Live with Miz Meliz (that's me, Melissa Reyes!) Please be sure to read all of the information on set up and requirements, as well as the agreement.
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What is your favorite "Hollywood Hot Spot?"
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Scheduling Now for Winter 2016/2017
Just let me know what date works best for you!
What date would you like to be on the show? We usually broadcast live on Facebook via Smiletime.com on Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m Pacific Time (9:00 p.m. Eastern) and some mornings.
I will do my best to book your interview on the closest date and time to your request.
Please send a headshot and 1-5 pictures that can be used on my blog, social media, and on the video for the podcast.
Email jpegs to MizMeliz@yahoo.com
You must have a webcam and wifi to be interviewed remotely. Unless other arrangements are made between us, we will broadcast live via Facebook/Smiletime. You must have a Facebook account to useSmiletime. This is the link to join Smiletime https://smiletime.com After you have joined with Facebook - please use this url to join the live interview: https://smiletime.com/channel/mizmeliz
Much like Skype, you need to have a computer with a webcam, microphone, and earbuds or headphones. Make sure there is plenty of lighting. I do not interview on other platforms. Please plan ahead and check your equipment. We can meet online about 15 minutes before show time to test, if needed. I wil send you the link to the Upcoming Interview and Broadcast Prior to the event.
Some shows have themes, special segments, and/or specific topics of discussion.
Please check all that apply:
How do we know each other? How are we affiliated? Please check all that apply.
If we have not met in person, please tell me how you heard about me, MizMeliz.com and Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town.
I am growing my community and I am seeking increased exposure for "Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz" and I need your help.
Please invite your friends to the live broadcast, share the link on your Facebook and Social Media outlets. I appreciate any and all feedback. Please check all that apply:
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For an edited video and social media promotion campaign, there is a $299 fee. (The interview is free.)
It's a GREAT DEAL! The video show will be edited and posted on You Tube. We add music, voice-over, credits, titles, captions, and links combined with a social media influence package for $299. Enter your email address or cell phone number below to receive an invoice via PayPal. Please check the option(s) that interest you:
Contractual Agreement
By agreeing to appear on "Tinsel Town Live with Miz Meliz" as a guest, I accept the terms of the interview, whereas my image, voice, photos, web presence, products, and information that I share will be broadcast live as well as recorded. The recording of the interview will be the property of Melissa Reyes with all rights reserved. The uncut replay of the live broadcast will be embedded for free on MizMeliz.com and an edited 10-20 minute audio podcast may also be posted to iTunes, Blubrry, and other podcast posting venues, and may be shared via social media such as, but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,Triberr, and Pinterest as a FREE service from MizBizEvents at the discretion of Melissa Reyes. All other uses of the photos, images, sounds, and likenesses of myself and Melissa Reyes, and/or her representatives, resulting from the interview and in photos that are shared for the purpose of promoting the podcast and video or blog, in the future known and unknown are to be determined by Melissa Reyes for the sole purpose of promotion of Tinsel Town and/or MizMeliz.com. Video and images from the recording of the broadcast may be used with permission.
If purchasing the Promo Package or A La Carte Item(s) Please enter your Name, Email address and Cell Phone Number Here:
You will receive an invoice for the service when the work is complete, after the interview and the video is posted. Invoices are due upon receipt.
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