Bulletin Requests
Please use this form to request announcements printed in the daily bulletin, announcements on the PA system and announcements to be posted on the website. Please note:

The deadline for bulletin request submissions is by 2:00 p.m. the day before the announcements are made. Submissions received before the cut off time (and approved) will be aired the following day. Submissions received after the cut off time (and approved) will be aired the announcement day after next.

Students who are submitting requests on behalf of teachers MUST reference their student email accounts for email confirmation. Any other email account provided will result in a discarded bulletin request. Do not use your personal email address.

PA announcements are only read Wednesdays and Thursdays. They will only be read once — no multiple day readings. Printed announcements are added every day.

Announcements must be short and concise. Long announcements over 3 sentences may be truncated.

Individual student names listed on announcements will not be read over the PA, however they will be printed in the bulletin.

All submissions will be approved prior to airing/publishing. Unless you receive email confirmation that your announcement has been approved, do not expect it to be aired/published.

Please complete the form below.

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