Individual Membership Application
Submitted applications are reviewed to ensure all requirements are fully met. You may be contacted for further information. The decision on the acceptance of Individual Members lies with the Board of Directors. Applications are reviewed 3 times per year. The President will contact the applicant regarding status when a decision has been made.
The following attributes are important in every Individual Member:
firm understanding of Orff Schulwerk, commitment to the principles of the Forum, a collaborative spirit, entering the work with good intentions, active volunteering of qualities and skills that are useful to the work of the Forum, and servant leadership.  

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Why do you want to be an individual member of the International Orff-Schulwerk Forum Salzburg rather than be connected via an Orff Schulwerk Association or Associated School? *
Describe the length and scope of your relationship with and/or role in an Orff-Schulwerk Association/Associated School/Associated Institution. (Former relationships/roles if retired). *
What is your training in Orff-Schulwerk?  How many weeks/months of Orff-Schulwerk courses?  In what country/countries? *
What special qualities and/or skills are you prepared to offer as an individual member of the IOSFS? *

Please submit the names and email addresses of two people who are currently involved in Forum activities as a reference (OSA, ASI, or Individual Member).

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