Photo Oxford 2017
Thank you for participating in or visiting the exhibitions and events of Photo Oxford 2017 - a celebration of photography. We would very much appreciate your feedback so that we might learn and be better able to plan the 2019 Festival.
Q1 Which artist(s) or events did you most enjoy?
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Q2 What was your overall Photo Oxford 2017 highlight?
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Q3 What was your Photo Oxford 2017 lowlight?
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Q4 Have you attended any other arts or photography festivals this year?
Q4a If you answered, "Yes" to question 4 then which photography festival(s) did you attend in 2017
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Q5 How many exhibitions did you visit as part of Photography Oxford 2017?
Q6 Did you attend any of the special events?
Q6a If you attended any of the exhibitions or events listed in questions 5 and 6 above, do you have any comments?
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Q7 On a scale from "Poor" to "Don't know" (scrolling to the right) please rate Photo Oxford 2017 for the following:
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Other information (maps/opening hours etc
Film at Old Bank Hotel
Symposium Talks
Curator-guided Tours
Value for money
Social interactions
Overall experience
Q8 How do you rate the following as venues:
Don't know
Barn Gallery, St John's Coll
Art at the Old Fire Station
Weston Library
Old Bank Hotel
Frideswide Square
Brookes University Forum Space
Q9 Are you planning to come to the next festival in 2019?
Q10 What would you like to see at the next festival?
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Q11 Based on this year’s experience, how likely are you to recommend visiting the 2019 festival to friends and colleagues? (On a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is not at all likely and 10 is extremely likely.)
Q12 What is your age?
Q13 Are you male or female?
Q14 Are you a(n):
Q14a If you answered, "Other" to question 14 then please specify.
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Q15 How far did you travel to get to Photo Oxford 2017 (approximately)?
Q16 Where did you hear about Photo Oxford 2017?
Q16a If you answered, "Other" in question 16 then please specify
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Q17 Is there any other feedback you would like to share?
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Q18 Would you like to be added to our mailing list for the next festival or to be involved in future festivals as a volunteer?
Q19 IF you would like to be added to our mailing list for the next festival or to be involved in future festivals as a volunteer then please give us your e-mail address in the space below. This information will only be used for this purpose and will not be passed on to any third parties.
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