Up and Running with GraphQL
Let's start digging into GraphQL in this full day workshop we will work with react and node to make a full stack GraphQL workflow.

- We will go through what GraphQL does and what are the advantages of it
- We will build a backend that will fetch rest results and serve them as a GraphQL endpoint
- Learn how we can deploy that backend
- We will hook it up to a react app
- make queries to get all our results
- Learn how to do pagination using React-Apollo
- Use mutations to add rows to our database
- update our ui automatically when a new row is added using the update function

Sara Vieira

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* Must be actively jobseeking, studying or working in software development or a related field
* The workshop is located in Lagos, Nigeria. Respondents are responsible for transportation and accommodation, if necessary
* Must agree to accept and abide by the code of conduct. Please give it a read through: https://www.concatenate.dev/codeofconduct

Important Dates:
* Application Deadline: Oct 7th, 2019, 5pm GMT
* Selection & Notification: By Oct 14th, 2019
* Workshop Day: Oct 16th, 2019
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