Curbside Pickup Order Form
The library will be doing ONLY curbside request from November 16 until further notice.
Curbside hours will be Monday-Tuesday, Wednesday 10-2 and Thursday-Friday 2-6.
Form updated 11/10/2020.

You may also get your craft kits by curbside delivery, register for a program--free and fun! Check them out on our web-page and on our calendar page you will find a listing of the programs and dates.
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What day and time would you like to schedule your pickup, giving staff 24 hours to prepare your kit. Pickups can be scheduled for Monday-Wednesday 10-2 and Thursday-Friday 2-6. Staff will notify you when your items are ready and will help you schedule a time to pickup.
I will notify the library when I arrive, 715-796-2281, to let staff know that I am ready to receive my pickup. *
I have items on the holdshelf to pick up. (Items I have requested via the MORE catalog.) *
I would like the library staff to pick me out some materials based on my answer below. Tell us what types of books, movies, audios, etc. and how many of each and we would love to put together a staff picked curbside pickup.
I would like to get a picture book kit. (Each kit will include 10 picture books picked by library staff.) *
I need # of picture book kits. *
I would like to the following themes for the picture book kits. *
I would like to pick up my program kit that I have registered for. *
I would like to pick up the youth learning kit (Monday Art and Wednesday Literature with Ms. Michelle).
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I would like a few food pantry items. *
Please list what you would like for food pantry items, we will try our best to fulfill the need or substitute in items as needed.
I understand that the library staff will contact me when my items are ready and arrange pickup in front of the library (850 Davis Street). I fully understand that I will not be allowed to enter the library building. *
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