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We will be providing regular updates to you with information on all of the volunteer opportunities KNM will have this season on Friday evenings. We love partnering with organizations, businesses, schools, community groups, and just our warm and fuzzy neighbors! Our Zoom sessions are only 30 minutes long. Learn to wiggle your ears, go "hee hee hee" and "ho ho ho" and other important stuff like that!
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How do you hear about the KNM HoLiDAY CHEER BUS?
Who is your Head Elf?
This is the 6th KNM Season of HoLiDAY CHEER aka The HoLiDAY CHEER BUS Elf Ride
Who do we serve?
The children we serve are coping with serious illnesses or trauma within the immediate family. Children who are diagnosed with an illness will receive, and so will all the siblings. We also deliver to bereaved families, those who have lost a sibling or a parent. We will also serve those who have experienced a traumatic event, such as a house fire or other childhood interruption.

What do we do?
We provide the family with a dedicated social worker or child life specialist who will organize online events (new due to COVID) and real-life events all season long. We learn about the special needs of the family and will link them to services and help them meet other families who have had similar experiences. We also learn about all the wishes of the children and deliver them once a year!

Where do we serve?
We deliver to children all over Long Island and through the boroughs of NY and some parts of NJ.

Do we collect toys?
We collect toys from different locations, banks, restaurants, churches, and social groups. We also have prepared paper cut-outs that donors can choose to take with them and fulfill wishes online.

How do we fulfill wishes?
We have a social media campaign that our friends and volunteers can share. Each child’s campaign will bring you to an Amazon wish list where the wishes will be sent to us to be prepared for delivery.

When do you make deliveries?
We will make the deliveries this year on December 20th, 2020.
You see this is MoRE than just the delivery of wishes! The children receive their gifts from a team of merry elves.
What's the HoLiDAY CHEER BUS EVENT on December 20th?
What’s a CHEER BUS?
Each CHEER BUS is lead by a HEAD ELF. The bus is loaded with a team of 15 - 20 volunteers who are willing to ride with one another (new for COVID). A family or a group of co-workers or others who are comfortable with each other.

What happens on the CHEER BUS?
Each ELF team competes in a scavenger hunt of silly challenges to be played out with the families on their route. These challenges will be broadcasted for the children they will be visiting. The children can cheer their elf team on to victory!

The winning Elf Team receives the coveted CUP of CHEER at the Gala - to be held both virtually and in person.

Where will YOU go?
Each Elf team will have a route of approximately 10 stops. The Team will know their route ahead of time.

Where do you leave from?
We try and have all the elves leave from the same starting point, 600 Albany Avenue, Amityville, however, some exceptions will be made.

Can I follow in my car?
If you are not comfortable with riding on a bus, you can with the approval of your Head Elf follow with your personal vehicle. We are not encouraging parades. This should be kept to a minimum.

Be an ELF
Be a toy collection site
Share Wishes, the paper cut-outs to be given to donors to adopt
Assist with circulating wishes on social media
Join us at 600 Albany Avenue to sort toys and help create the bags to be delivered
Join an Elf Team and ride along on a bus lead by one of the Head Elves!

Lead an ELF Team! Make the commitment to raise $1000 with your team by December 20th

$500 to brand our buses and the event with your logo
How would you like to help? We need volunteer elves in many capacities! Check all that apply
Do you have any questions we can answer at practice?
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