Un-Bottle & Protect Chaffee County Water!
Since 2009 millions of gallons - yes MILLIONS - are sucked from our valley and trucked to Denver to be bottled in plastic, by Nestle Waters North America.

Help us keep that water in Chaffee County - for the health of our valley, and its future!

On October 20, 2020, the Chaffee County Board of Commissioners, at a public hearing, will vote to approve, or deny, Nestle’s permit extension to bottle water from Ruby Springs. If approved, millions more gallons of water will be siphoned from our watershed, over the next 10 years. While Nestle owns the junior water right, they need the 1041 permit renewal to continue their bottling operation. Let’s say NO to Nestle!

Here’s what you can do -- in less than 5 minutes -- to make a difference:

1. Add your name to this declaration and press SUBMIT (scroll down to see form).

This list will be sent to to our county commissioners, to let them know you believe the water should stay here, in our valley.

2. Ask our county commissioners to do the right thing for Chaffee County. To dig into the facts, and see our REASONS FOR DENIAL click this link:


Email the commissioners, and the county administrator (must email all 4).

Email 1: gfelt@chaffeecounty.org
Email 2: rgranzella@chaffeecounty.org
Email 3: Kbaker@chaffeecounty.org
Email 4: pbaldwin@chaffeecounty.org

3. Send this to at least 5 friends, who are ready to join us. Copy and paste the link below, into your email.

Copy this: https://forms.gle/L7hQqrXJTWpi2HbW7
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