Hire My Services
Allow us to take the stress and hassle out of booking your travel worldwide. We believe travel is more than a vacation it's a lifestyle.

Many people are definitely able to do their own research and book their own travel online but with so many options to choose from doing this process yourself can be very overwhelming.

I understand that and take pride in helping my clients find vacation amenities that they feel make for an amazing vacation!! But my time is valuable to me and it's important to me that each client respects it. To do this I created a system that allows me to secure my time with each client who would like to work with me.

"Why is that?" you ask... Well have you ever worked for a job, given them 20 to 40 hours of your time just for them not to pay you, maybe even fire you and hire someone else? No. Right! But what if you did?

My hiring process allows me to work with serious clients ONLY. People who understand my time is valuable and are not looking to waste it!


*Arranging travel for business and vacation customers
*Planning and arranging tour packages, excursions, and day trips
*Finding fare and schedule information
*Calculating total travel costs
*Booking reservations for travel, hotels, rental cars, Cruises and special events, such as tours and excursions
*Informing clients about what their trip will be like, including giving details on required documents, such as passports or visas
*Providing clients with full itinerary details
*Giving advice about local weather conditions, customs, and attractions
*Making alternative booking arrangements if changes arise before or during the trip

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Retainer Agreement
To hire my services a $25 retainer fee per person is required.

To begin services such as the research of accommodations and trip amenities only 1 person has to make an initial payment of $25. This amount is not applied to your trip it is paid directly to me the travel professional.

Once my research is done and your package is presented if you want to proceed with booking then everyone else in your party is required to make their payment. Again this payment is not applied to the trip but can be collected with the deposit of the trip or made as a separate payment if they will be paying for their trip in full.


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