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Please make sure that you are signed up as a Volunteer Fundraiser prior to communicating with sponsors or requesting invoices. More on that role here:
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You should be a Bridge, Chapter, or Community leader
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Examples: RailBridgeNYC, ClojureBridgeMN, MobileBridgeSF
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This is needed for reporting purposes, but won't be used for mailing invoices.
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At this time, we only offer electronic invoicing
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This is the main sponsorship amount. Do not include amount for credit card fees if they agreed to cover that - just check third box in question below and we will include an additional line item.
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What payment methods should be enabled on the electronic invoice? *
Sponsors can always pay via check or ACH. Only select the option to increase the invoice amount to cover credit card fees if you have discussed this preference with your sponsor and they are willing to pay the fees. We do recommend asking if they would be interested in covering the fees in order to have a credit card option, as many sponsors are happy to cover the cost in exchange for the convenience.
What workshop is this for? *
List the date(s) of the workshop - N/A if for general operating funds
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(eg. Catering, event sponsorship, name tags, etc)
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If that is you, enter your info. If you would prefer we contact the company directly, enter theirs.
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