Data Days CLE | a call for workshops
**About Data Days CLE**

Data Days CLE is a local conference focused on promoting the use of data in the civic and nonprofit sectors. We believe that in cultivating a greater connection between community members and data-use best practices, we can strengthen our region. We want to spark conversation, ideas, and build capacity in the space where data, information, and civic life intersect.

In an era where data shows potential to reinforce existing biases and structural problems, we believe in the imperative to make data an equalizing force in solving community problems, lending power to the disadvantaged.

Data Days CLE 2020 is looking to host a series of hands-on workshops in conjunction with Data Days CLE conference, happening on April 7, 2020. The workshops will be on the weeks following the conference. These should be half day or full day hands-on training aimed at teaching attendees skills related to accessing, understanding, curating, or using data. Our core audience is interested in using data and information to improve civic life.


You should submit a workshop proposal for Data Days if you:

- Have teachable ways of gathering data/information for community benefit, and want to teach others this skill
- Have some expertise with a data set want to teach others how to use that data set
- Have some expertise with a technical skill related to data/information, and want to teach others that skill
- Want to teach others how to use other resources that make data/information accessible
- Are already planning on conducting a workshop or training and want to co-brand it to reach a new audience

Have an idea but not sure if it fits in one of these buckets? Let’s talk about it. Don’t be shy.

We are also accepting proposals for conference sessions. For more information about session proposals, go here:

**Data Days 2020 Theme**

Data: A Blueprint for Action

A blueprint is only a plan. To make the plan happen requires action—from all of us. Data can be the catalyst in this process. Together we’ll share knowledge. Offer education and training. Inspire one another. Working together we’ll enable data to provide the insights for solving today’s challenges—and ensuring a better future. Together let’s re-imagine the world through data.

**Valuing Diversity**

We firmly believe that the way we work with civic data and information can have a profound effect on all residents in Northeast Ohio, and to curate a meaningful conversation about data use, we need to be inclusive of all people and the diverse range of perspectives and experiences that stem from that diversity. We especially want to hear from you if you are from a group traditionally underrepresented in this space. This includes, but is not limited to, people from underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities, LGBT+ and queer communities, people of all ages and with various educational levels and backgrounds, and women.

**Logistics and Additional Information**

The “Lead Applicant” will be responsible for answering all questions related to this proposal and for finalizing and confirming all proposed activities if selected.

We are able to provide space for the workshops, including tables, chairs, presenter/projector set-up, and also computer lab space.

We will begin the selection process in late January 2020 and will finalize workshops in February and March 2020.

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