L.A. Department of Transportation
CTTC - Citywide Temporary Traffic Control Section (Under 72 hours)
Initiate a review of your Worksite Traffic Control Plan (WTCP)
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Primary Contact Information
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Applicant must apply for a permit from the permitting agency (Bureau of Engineering, Bureau of Street Services or Bureau of Street Lighting) prior to LADOT's review of a Traffic Control Plan. At least one permit application reference number or work order number must be provided. Plans submitted without a permit application will not be accepted for review.
Construction B-Permit and Sewer S-Permit projects must be submitted to the Permit Plan Review Section (over 72 hours) at: ladot.planprocessing@lacity.org
Permit Application Type *
*Check all permits that apply to your project
Bureau of Engineering (BOE) Permit Application Reference Number
Bureau of Street Services (BSS) Permit Application Reference Number
Building Materials Permit
Other Permit Numbers and Work Order Numbers related to this project
List other Bureau of Engineering/Bureau of Street Services/Bureau of Street Lighting permit reference numbers or work order numbers associated with submitted Traffic Control Plan.
Note: Processing of your request will not begin until ALL of the following documents are submitted to: ladot.cttc@lacity.org
1) Cover letter on Primary Contact Company letterhead
2) Copy of BSS/BOE Permit Application
3) Copy of Construction/Civil Plan (If applicable)
4) Copy of Worksite Traffic Control Plan (WTCP) showing the following:
- Existing conditions at worksite Field Verified - include Photos (If applicable)
- Appropriate Page No. from latest WATCH Manual or CAMUTCD
- Identify major businesses and/or entities around the proposed work area
such as schools, hospitals, commercial centers, etc.
Please address subject line of email as follows:
SUBJECT: Primary Contact Company, Job Location, BSS/BOE Permit Reference Number or Work Order Number
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