UUCM Pulpit Announcement Requests
Our mission: Exploring faith. Practicing inclusivity. Living justice.
1) the deadline for submitting a request is the Friday before the service at 5pm - any announcement requests submitted after that time will not be processed

2) depending on the volume of the requests (we try to have no more than 3 announcements) we may not be able to honor every request for a pulpit announcement - priority is given to those events happening sooner

3) your request may be edited for length and/or content, to fit the needs of the service

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2-3 sentence maximum - no abusing commas, semi-colons or conjunctions.
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Request a Spotlight Announcemt
Spotlight announcements - where a representative of the group comes up to the pulpit to share their announcement themselves - are done rarely and usually only for significant church events, must be approved in advance, and should be no longer than 1 minute in length if approved.
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