Wet & Dry lockdown drinking survey
Firstly... thanks for listening to the podcast! We're enjoying making it, and frankly Geoff would be back on the booze if it weren't for this!

We'd love to know what you drink, your attitudes to drinking, and how the current lockdown is affecting your usual consumption.

It's an anonymous survey - but we would like to know which country you're listening in. It's to our continued surprise that the show is being so well received around the globe. Again; thank you.

It shouldn't take any more than five minutes to answer these questions, that's about as long as it usually takes to get served at the Rose & Crown. Aaaah... pubs!


Matt & Geoff
Wet & Dry.
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How often would you drink alcohol in a normal (pre-lockdown) week? *
Has the current lockdown affected your alcohol consumption? *
Which of these descriptions best fits your own opinion of the amount you drink? (Tick all that apply) *
Where do you prefer to drink? *
If someone was introduced to you as a 'non-drinker' would it affect your first impression of them? *
Does your anticipated enjoyment of an evening decrease if you know your friend won't be drinking? *
Have you ever taken a month off alcohol for any of the following campaigns...? *
Have you ever deliberately taken MORE than a month off alcohol? (Excluding during pregnancy / breast feeding) *
Do you have a drinking 'operating system' or rule that you live by? (eg only drinking at weekends). PLEASE LEAVE BLANK IF NO
Do you have a friend who in your opinion drinks too much? *
If you answered 'yes' to the previous question - would you talk to them about it?
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