Smash DOJO Submission Form
Use this form to submit new combos, tips, videos, or website resources to the DOJO database. Put in as much information as you can. Don't worry. We'll fill in the holes. You can also tweet at us @ServingSmash. If you want to submit many entries all at once, try using this:
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Combo name & description *
First name the combo if you have a name. Then list the moves used and/or describe the situation. Twitch friendly language please. We esports now. <(^o^<)
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Character 1 (ex. the character doing the combo)
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Character 2 (ex. the character getting hit or comboed)
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Link / URL (This is very important) *
Youtube / vine / webpage urls preferred. If youtube, please right click on the video and copy the time stamped URL. A video is required for most entries to be published. Use your cell phone if you must. Seeing is believing. If you're just submitting a simple tip enter "N/A".
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Player's name
Gamertag or Twitter name preferred of the player who labbed or performed the combo. This will also help you find just your entries. Feel free to put in entries from footage of other players.
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Percentage Start and End for the Combo (e.g.: 55-95)
The range of the opponent's percentage where your combo can be executed successfully.
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How much damage does the combo or set up do when executed successfully?
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