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As part of our standards development process, CAS is committed to continuous improvement and incorporating feedback from practitioners who use CAS in self-study, scholarship, and for research and assessment purposes. We invite all CAS users to contribute feedback on the relevance, utility, and functionality of our professional standards.

CAS functional area standards and guidelines are designed to be achievable by any program in any higher education institution when adequate and appropriate effort, energy, and resources are applied. The CAS standards reflect a level of good practice generally agreed upon by the profession-at-large (CAS, 2019).

The CAS General Standards are reviewed every 3 years and functional area-specific standards are on an 8-10 year rotating revision cycle. CAS Self-Assessment Guides (SAGs) reflect the most current standards for each functional area.

Although we can not respond to every piece of feedback submitted here, please know that your comments and suggestions will be thoroughly reviewed and considered by the CAS Board of Directors and Standards Revision Committees.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CAS and the CAS Standards, please visit our website at
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