ZSR Fellowship Application
This application is for the 2019-2021 Z. Smith Reynolds Fellowship.

The ZSR Fellowship is a two-year, paid fellowship for an individual who is early in their career, with interests in philanthropy, public policy, community service, and/or the nonprofit sector. Eligible candidates must be natives or residents of North Carolina and/or graduates of an accredited North Carolina college or university. For more information, see the ZSR Fellowship page on the ZSR website: http://www.zsr.org/grants-programs/zsr-fellowship.

The Foundation recommends that applicants write their answers to essay questions in a separate document before copying them into this form to ensure that their answers are saved. Please make sure to answer every question unless given the opportunity to choose.

This application is due January 7, 2019 at noon. If you have any questions about the position or the application process, please contact our first-year fellow, Bear Tosé, at beart@zsr.org.

Note: The ZSR Fellowship is distinctly different from the Exploratory, Visionary Ideas Strategy All for NC Fellowship. For more information about the All for NC Fellowship, please visit https://www.zsr.org/all-for-nc.

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