Title I Parent Survey 2017-18
Title I funds are designed to provide supplemental instruction to improve student performance. Coffee County Schools is committed to monitoring the quality of Title I services as part of an ongoing improvement process.

CCMS, CCRA and CCCHS are not Title I schools; however, parent feedback is important to us.

All submissions are anonymous.

Thank you!

1. Which school does your child attend? *
2. Overall, how do you rate the quality of education that your child is receiving? *
3. If you marked "fair" or "poor" on the previous question, please explain.
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4. Does your child enjoy school? *
5. If you marked "no" on the previous question, please explain.
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6. Do you feel welcome at your child's school? *
7. Do you feel that your school appropriately communicates activities and events to parents? *
8. In your opinion, are parents encouraged to communicate to school staff concerns that they have regarding grades or academic progress? *
9. Have you been informed about iNow, the online portal that allows parents to monitor their students' assignments, grades and attendance? *
10. What is the most effective way that you have found to monitor your child's progress? *
11. How often do you log in to iNow to monitor assignments, grades and attendance?
12. Do you have internet access at home? *
13. What suggestions do you have for strengthening parent involvement?
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14. What topics, regarding your child's education, would you be interested in learning? *
15. If there are barriers that keep you from being more involved, please share.
For Elementary Parents only: Federal law requires districts to reserve a portion of Title I funding for parent involvement. If you have suggestions for how these funds should be spent at your child's elementary school, please share.
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**September is Attendance Awareness Month** Thanks for your support in showing that attendance matters! #SchoolEveryDay
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