C.A.L.M. Participant Sign-up Form
C.A.L.M. ( Center for Alternative Living Medicine ) is Solstice festival's healing area. Our theme this year is SELF CARE.

We truly appreciate you stepping up to provide your gifts to the community. We know you will love it!

In this form, sections 2 & 7 are mandatory. Fill out the other sections as they interest you.

2: Name **
3: Practitioner
4: Workshops
5: Sacred Secretary & Sacred Space holder
6: Sanctuary
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8: Any other offerings?
9: Art Installations and Sacred Foundations

We will email you a confirmation and reminder before the festival.You can also reach us at calm@solsticegathering.ca

Let's get started:

Which of these practitioner categories does your primary modality fit best into?
What would you like to offer at C.A.L.M.?
Choose the one that you're most drawn to, and are the most proficient at.
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