2019-2020 Summer with Summit Interest List
Our program provides up to $500 in educational funds for any student who enrolls. Your student can come to us from a public school, private school, homeschooling or other schooling option.

You are required to turn in 1 work sample and have 1 meeting each month with your assigned Education Specialist during the Summer with Summit program.

To hear more about our program and what you can do with the $500 in funding please fill out this form. We will send out more information starting in 2019! We cant wait to have you be a part of the Summit Academy family.

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How many students are you thinking of enrolling with Summit Academy for the Summer with Summit program? We accept TK-12th grade students (grade level in the 2019-2020 school year). *
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Are you interested in a specialty sports camp through the Summer with Summit program or will you be spending the funding on materials and classes for education? *
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Are you planning on participating the entire summer (July- August) or are you hoping to only partially participate?
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