Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. ~ Elizabeth Andrew
We all have busy lives, but as a community, we reach our full potential by each contributing a small part. Please sign up for the areas that you are most interested in for volunteering.
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Please answer Yes and No to each of the types of service you are interested in doing.
Social Events - I am interested in helping with setting up, tearing down, serving food, seeking donations, and etc. *
Fundraising - I am interested in helping with sorting orders, distribution, seeking donations, and etc. *
Event Childcare - I am interested in helping with childcare to allow parents to network. *
Classroom Assistant - I am interested in helping in the classroom. *
Grounds and Maintenance - I am interested in helping to keep or school, grounds, and trails looking great. *
Administrative/Office - I am interested in helping with mailings, making copies, laminating, an answering phones/doors. *
Teaching a lesson or club - I have an area of expertise that I would be willing to share with the school or at a parent event. (School will contact for details) *
Sponsor and Event - I would be interested in making a donation to sponsor an event, an activity at an event, or a child to attend an event. (School will contact for details) *
Subbing - I am interested in subbing. Those answering yes will be required to background check and interview with the Head of School. *
Driver - I am interested in driving for events. Those selecting this option will be required to provide proof of insurance, valid driver's license, and background checks. *
Comments - Please use this section provide any additional information.
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