Boarding Speedy Check-In
Please complete at least 48 hours prior to your pet's stay at CCV.
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Please only complete this form if you have made a boarding reservation. This form is intended to help with check in. It is NOT FOR MAKING RESERVATIONS. If you need to make a reservation, please call us at 504-894-0752.                                                                                          If you have a confirmed reservation and are ready to proceed, please list the dates that your pet will be staying with us: *
Your Name: *
Pets Name *
Speedy Check In Form
Your best contact phone number (no spaces): *
Does your dog need a bath while staying with us? Charges apply unless you qualify for a complimentary bath-see below.
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Does your pet need additional a la carte services while staying with us? (check all that apply) If bath is checked above, you do not need to select nails, ears, anal glands here again. 
Additional Bath Options
Any special instructions on bathing services? ie: yes, I want a bath, but please don't do nails
Should we feed your own pet food or CCV's? *
Please specify food type: *
List any food allergies you know of: *
How much does your pet eat and how often do they eat? Do you have special feeding instructions? *
Playgroup and Pickup
Will your dog participate in Playgroup? *
What time will you be pick your pet up? (M-F 7:30am-6pm, SAT 8am-Noon, No Sunday Pickup) *
List any medications you will bring for your pet (please note we will have additional questions about medications at drop off - please allow extra time) *
Please let us know if your pet will need their monthly flea/heartworm medication while staying with us. Specify products, date to be given and whether you will supply the product or would like us to administer something from our stock. (charges may apply)
List any food or water supplements you will provide and instructions for use:
Does your pet have any special needs or medical requirements? (fees may apply for some services/accommodations, please call to discuss if unsure)
Any additional notes or requests:
For supplements and medications:  If any, please bring these items in their original containers. There is no need for you to measure them out or put them in separate ziploc bags, add them to food bags or put them in daily dispensers. While we appreciate the good intention, this often leads to confusion. We do not usually store food and medication in the same place. We are used to dealing with medication containers and you will receive any remaining products back when you pick up from boarding. *
During your pet's stay, we may take photos and post them to our social media accounts. Follow us on facebook and Instagram @ccvnola. Please understand that we take and post photos based on our team availability to do so. While we do our best, we do not guarantee that every pet will appear in photos or that we will have new photos daily. Taking care of our patients and boarders must always come first and we may not be able to spare a team member for the time it takes to take pictures, edit and post them, particularly during holidays, weekends and busy seasons. Know that your pets are well taken care of whether or not they appear in pictures.
By clicking yes and submitting this form you acknowledge the instructions you have provided and understand that it is your responsibility to inform CCV should any of this information change prior to your boarding stay. Your credit card on file will be charged for any charges incurred during the boarding stay. Please verify the correct card number if you are unsure and would like to know which card will be charged. If you do not have a card on file, one will be requested upon check in and used for charges incurred during the boarding stay. *
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