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Filling out this application puts you into the waitlist to receive 1:1 Coaching with Tricia, designed to help you create an empowered, healthy lifestyle and let go of self sabotage and limiting beliefs. You will become clear on the patterns that hold you back from losing weight, from loving your body wholeheartedly, and from trusting your intuition. You will show up for yourself and the world as the powerful, warrior woman you desire to be.

This program is for you if you are ready and serious about investing into their health, happiness and future self.

This isn't for everyone. By filling this application out, it will help us determine if you'd be a good fit for coaching.

** If you are approved, you'll receive an email confirmation and a link to schedule an interview phone call **

Come ready and open to be coached even in this interview call! You will get benefit from this call 👍🏻

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