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His name is Rocky Jones.

Dark, disturbingly delicious, and domineering, his piercing gray eyes tempt and disarm. But he doesn't affect me anymore—well, maybe a little.

So what if he's the new president of Hell’s Bells MC? He disappeared without a word, leaving me brokenhearted. I don't care that he's back to rule our town and exact his revenge against the notorious Knight’s Legion MC.

Even if I did want Rocky with every cell in my body, it's far too late for us. He betrayed our love. And so have I. When the club's vice president, Vegas, offered me protection and a job, I accepted. Now that Rocky has returned, Vegas wants me for himself.

With Vegas as his number one enemy and the Knights as his very unlikely allies, none of us know what to expect from Rocky next. Will I be the future queen of the Hell’s Bells MC? Only if he doesn't burn it to the ground.

**Rocky Jones (RJ) appeared in Buff’s Reign, book 3 of the Knight’s Legion MC, North Dakota series.

This book is legit dark compared to my other books. Reader discretion is advised.

Content Warning: Aside from the usual strong language and violence found in dark romance, there is also CNC (Consensual non-consent), Somnophilia, Degradation and Domination, Primal Chase, Grooming, Bullying, Dub-con, Death of a Parent, Cancer, and Various Kinks (Biting, Spanking, Bondage, Knife and Breath play, Blindfolds, etc.). The main characters also sleep with others when they are not together and apart for five and half years.

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