Difficult Courses (Hours and COVID Concerns)
The purpose of this survey is to gather a list of courses that are particularly difficult to GSI. By filling out this survey, you're helping GEO get a sense of where to put our efforts this year, especially as online learning may continue into the fall.

We want to hear about any and all courses that are difficult for GSIs. In particular, we want to gain a better insight into the impact of COVD-19 on teaching, including classes that are uniquely difficult to transition to online learning or where GSIs have had changing work expectations.

You may fill out the survey as many times as you need -- each response will be about one course, but we want you to reply multiple times if you know of more than one course in your department with issues.

We are gathering general information and all responses will be kept anonymous. This anonymized data may be shared with HR in order to push for changes to GSI work culture, but we will not formally grieve any issues raised from this survey without explicit permission from the person who would be grieving the issue. No personal information beyond the names of courses that are difficult, the professor(s) who teach that course and the known problems will be shared.
Course Department
Course Number and Name
Faculty who teach this course:
What types of issues do GSIs face teaching this course? Check all that apply. (General - Non-COVID)
Please describe in more detail the issues in more detail below. (General - Non-COVID)
What COVID specific issues does this course raise for GSIs? Check all that apply.
Please describe in more detail the kinds of COVID-specific issues GSIs face while teaching this course.
If you're willing to answer additional follow up questions about the information you provided OR if you're interested in getting involved with the Grievance Committee and/or our work to push for changes to workplace issues, please leave your email here.
If you gave your email, are you interested in joining the Grievance Committee or participating in efforts to meet with HR about recurring problem courses and hours issues?
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