Story City Locker's Beef Cut Sheet (Labeled 'Not For Sale')
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Following are the questions we would ask if you were to call us with your instructions. If you'd prefer to talk through the cut sheet with us, call the locker at 515-733-6328.
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To sell, or to even donate to a food pantry, meat must be harvested with a State of Iowa meat inspector present. 'Not For Sale' labeled meat indicates an inspector was not present for harvest and it may not be re-sold by individual package, or donated to a food pantry. Story City Locker's food safety plan is authorized and approved of by the State of Iowa for 'Not For Sale' services.
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Beef over 30 months of age require special handling during harvest. It doesn't qualify for BASIC or PLUS processing. A $25 extra handling fee per whole beef applies to the CUSTOM processing.
- NEW - Our Small Breed Rate Has Changed! *
Whole beef carcass under 600 pounds (hanging on the rail post harvest) is invoiced at $1.15 per pound for fresh cuts; optional a la carte services and products are additional.
Whole beef carcass in excess of 900 lbs requires an additional charge, to cover extra labor and packaging expenses.
- NEW & UPDATED - 2019 Beef Processing Options *
All 3 levels of service include take-down, cutting, grinding, wrapping in poly and paper, freezing, and carcass offal disposal. BASIC & PLUS are Butcher's Choice, with tailored cutting and packaging not allowed. View Butcher's Choice here:
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