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1. In CBCS the course content *
2. As far as skills to be acquired and placement of jobs the coverage of course content *
3. The depth of Knowledge and intellectual enrichment acquired through the course content *
4. Teaching hours per week and credits allotted for each course *
5. The components, Syllabus and the design of each course pattern *
6. Choice provided to select elective courses *
7. Teaching methods followed by teachers *
8. Syllabus portions for each course given for self-study and learning in the form   of assignments, seminars, etc. *
9. Preparation, Communication, encouragement and helpful attitude of teachers in assisting you to learn better *
10. Weightage given to different components of CIA and the way in which they Implemented *
11. Fairness of evaluation method followed for CIA and Semester exam *
12. Availability of faculty for interaction and guidance *
13. Mechanisms available to redress academic grievances *
14. Helpful attitude of administrators, staff and non-teaching staff to provide Suitable campus culture and atmosphere *
15. Library facilities *
16. Lab/ICT facilities *
17. Day Scholar Centre/Hostel facilities *
18. The recreational and student counseling facilities *
19. Extracurricular activities available and your participation in them *
20. The scope offered for enhancing knowledge and skills through various clubs and Fine Arts *
21. Overall rating of the programme and other facilities provided *
Department *
Batch *
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