TPLLA Member Grievance Form
Full Members of TPLLA are bound by producing Standards, which can be found on the TPLLA website. If you would like to notify the TPLLA Board about a Standards violation, use this form to share your grievance with the TPLLA Board.

NOTE: Only Full Members of TPLLA are bound by the Standards. Associate Members are not bound by the TPLLA Standards.

Your submission will be reviewed by the TPLLA Board. If an action is taken by the Board, it will be taken in private with the parties involved.

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You can remain anonymous and skip the next section, however if you provide your name and contact information (which will only be only accessible to Board members) we will follow up with questions if we have any and share updates with you on this issue, should anything transpire. It is important to us that your confidentiality be protected so that everyone can speak openly. You are welcome to submit this anonymously if you choose.
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