OpenAIRE - Sustainable non-APC publishing models workshop
In today’s publishing landscape there are several paths to Open Access (OA) publishing. A common and much discussed way of financing OA publishing is through Article Processing Charges (APC). However, over the recent years, several alternatives have been developed that do not rely on APCs: consortia models, community-driven approaches, funder financed platforms etc. This is a path often overlooked. By showcasing the range of different models and by producing a best practice guide, including a roadmap to sustainability, the OpenAIRE Sustainable Non-APC Publishing Models Workshop aims to assist publishing initiatives and libraries alike.
● When: 26-27 February 2019
● Where: CITEC's research building - University of Bielefeld Library, Bielefeld, Germany:
How to get there:
● For whom:
- Publishers of non-APC journals and books
- Developers and contributors to non-APC publishers platforms and initiatives
- People involved in other non-APC based projects
- Editors (editors and publishers) to Publishers of non-APC journals and books
- Interested parties with knowledge and expertise in the non-APC publishing landscape
- Funders
● We do expect active participation from our participants. This can includes:
- Providing us with a SWOT analysis of the project you're involved in
- Providing a case study
- Participating in writing a collaborative Roadmap
- Offering a topic for discussion and contributing to discussion groups
- ....
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If you are not involved in a non-APC publishing initiative, please detail your expertise and in what way you can contribute to the workshop.
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Thank you for showing interest in our Sustainable non-APC publishing models workshop. We're reviewing all the submissions to see if they fit out approach. If this is the case, we'll send you a questionnaire based on the SWOT-analysis for more detailed information about the initiative you're involved in.
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